Page requirement: Volunteer Events


Calendar of events available for volunteering
All guests can view all events.
The first page will have a line listing of all event groups.
The user can select a specific event group to view events or choose to view all events.
Only events taking place on the current day and in the future are displayed.
The page will show 25 events per page by default.
User should be able to choose paging size.
The page will show events in order of event date, with the nearest events at the top and events in the distant future at the bottom.
Events can viewed in a table by default (one row per event) or in a calendar view format that allows the user to select a month to view. The default month shown is the current month.
When events are shown in table view, the user has the ability to sign up, see how many open volunteer slots are still open (or show reserved if all slots are full), event title, event date, event time, event category (not shown below), and a brief event description.
When the event is shown in a calendar, only the event title and event times are shown on the event day.
In either view the user can click on the event title to view the event details.
In the calendar view, when a user has a mousover event on the event title, the event title, event category, event date, event time, number of open volunteer slots still open (or show reserved if all slots are full), and a brief event description are displayed in a pop-up description box.
In the table view the user can click on the sign up button to immediately sign up for the event.
Although all events on the current day and in the future are shown, the sign up button on the table view is removed on the day of the event to not allow same day registrations. This can be overridden if the admin creates the event allowing same-day registrations.

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Closed May 20, 2009 at 3:17 PM by atkulp