Page requirement: Volunteer Event Details


Additional details on an event, including all properties of the event, and the option to register. This will include the number of volunteer slots needed for the event, contact person, location, sponsor, etc.
Login is not required to view event details.
Event details page will show event category, event title, event date, event time (start and finish), a complete summary (not the brief summary shown below or on the table view of the events page above), a location, the contact person, contact email address, contact phone number, a sign up button, number of open volunteer slots, and a mini calendar view that has a square around the date of the event date (unlike below that has the current date with a square and a bolded event date, which cannot be easily distinguished on a small calendar).
If all volunteer slots are taken, do not show the sign up button or number of slots open, but simply show the word “Reserved” in red font.
A map link allows a user to click on the event location and a new window will open for Google Maps where a map will be displayed at street level view of the event location

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Closed May 20, 2009 at 3:18 PM by atkulp